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Boman Desai was born and raised in Bombay (now Mumbai), but has lived his adult life in Chicago. After studying Architecture and Philosophy, and getting degrees in Psychology and English, he was set to become a market analyst when a chance encounter with Sir Edmund Hillary, his earliest hero, brought him back to his vocation: writing novels. He took a number of parttime jobs ranging from bartending to auditing to teaching to find time to write. He got his first break when an elegant elderly woman personally submitted a number of his stories to the editor-in-chief of Debonair magazine in Bombay. The stories were all published, but the woman disappeared and her identity remains a mystery to this day. He has published fiction and non in the US, UK, and India. His work has won awards from the Illinois Arts Council, Stand Magazine, Dana, Noemi, War Poems, and New Millennium (among others). He has taught fiction at Truman College, Roosevelt University, and the University of Southern Maine. He is also an amateur musician and songwriter. He may be reached at ‚Äč

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